01.       What is the basic aim and objective of Virtual Tutorial Project (VTP)?

The basic aim and the objectives of the VTP are as follows:


To prepare Audio-Video based syllabus and problem solving contents at +3 level in bilingual mode (Odia and English), embed them in a Tablet PC and provide them to the under privileged areas under, Utkal University, Berhampur University, Sambalpur University, Fakir Mohan University and North-Orissa University.


To create a platform for establishing learning equity amongst tribal students of Odisha in disciplines and Universities through digital mechanism. To provide supplementary classroom teaching to colleges with inadequate teachers or otherwise. To provide through audio and video demonstration of the concepts in virtual tutorial mode by expert teachers through animation software. To provide bilingual support in Odia and English to make them conversant with both the medium.

02.VTP will serve to which categories of students?

At present the UG learning content (Science, Arts & Commerce) under the new Choice Based Credit Semester System Curriculum structure are to be provided to the students in digital format to ensure adequate teaching assistance in remote. However this can also be referred by the teachers, academicians, civil services and public service aspirant candidates.  

03.Who are the faculties/ resource persons involved in the e-          lecture?

The faculties and the resource persons are drawn from the different autonomous and affiliated colleges, universities and professionals from corporate having adequate knowledge in the subject.  Retired teachers from colleges and universities are also involved as resource person in the VTP.

04. How the e- Lecturers will be referred?

It can be used through any Smart phones/ tablets/ laptop/ desktop computers etc. by visiting the website https://vtputkal.odisha.gov.in.

05. Are the classes conducted in Odia language?

The content would be in bilingual mode i.e. in English and Odia both. Initially the Science & Commerce content shall be in English and the Arts & Humanities content shall be in Odia. However for better understanding of the students the teachers are using Odia language.

06.At present what are the honours subject in which the e- Lecturers are provided?

At present, the e-Lectures for the core papers (Hon.) of 1st & 2nd  Sem. of 11 subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany from Science, Political Science, Odia, History, English, Psychology Economics from Arts and Commerce have been uploaded in the web portal.  E-Lectures for the core papers of 3rd & 4th semesters in these 11 subjects are in progress.

07.When the e- Lecturer of other honours subjects will be uploaded?

After  completion of the 11 honours subjects the recording of e-Lectures of different honours such as Education, Geography, Hindi,  Law, Lib and Inf Sc, Philosophy, Public Administration,  Sanskrit, Statistics,  Sociology, Home Science form Arts and Anthropology,  Biotechnology, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Geology and Mathematics from Science stream will start in phase wise.

08. Is there any provision of downloading the e-Lecturers?

Yes, one can download the videos by submitting a feedback form.

09. How the internet data can be saved while down loading the e- lecturers? How much data will be consumed to down lode one hour e- lectures?

The option for downloading with low   resolutions is available only to save the data.    

10.Are the e-lecturers available in You-Tube?

The e-lecturers are only available in https://vtputkal.odisha.gov.in.

11.Whether an academician/ retired teacher/ working lecturer/ a professional can act as a resource person in the VTP?

Yes one can act as a resource person by considering the content knowledge/ experience/ style of communication/ facial expression and body language . One needs to submit the online form in the link i.e. https://vtputkal.odisha.gov.in/register. A resource person can provide the link of his own e-lectures already if already uploaded in the You-Tube. If it’s not available, then a short lecture is to be recorded on his/her subject of interest and the same is to be uploaded in You-Tube and the link of the same is to be given in the registration form. However, providing of You-Tube link on the recorded class is not mandatory. 

12.Can the hand notes of the resource persons who are taking the classes be obtained?

At present the hand notes of the teachers are not available in the portal. However, in the web portal the link the study materials / e- Resources  of the courses which are offered at DDCE, Utkal University and OSOU are available for reference.

13.Can the feedback about the e-lecturers be given?

Yes certainly, the feedbacks are always welcome. One can submit the feedback in the link https://vtputkal.odisha.gov.in/feedback.